Retained Executive Search

With retained search, The Job Plugs is an organization's exclusive recruiter for a specified position. To ensure your complete satisfaction, our firm’s retained search agreement includes an industry-leading 13-month replacement guarantee.

Contingency Placement

With contingency placement, The Job Plugs is compensated when a client hires a candidate. Our firm’s contingency search agreement provides an organization with easy access to our broad range of talent at a great price and is backed by our 120-day Replacement Guarantee.

Committed To Your Success.

The Job Plug’s process ensures your company has exactly the right candidates:

  • The Job Plugs recruitment team thoroughly vets each candidate for skills and aptitudes
  • Our team creates a candidate profile so we can match your company’s culture and diversity and inclusion values and avoid unwelcome bias
  • The Job Plugs team sets up interviews
  • Once you have a chosen a candidate, our team negotiates salary and terms
  • Our team assists in onboarding including a personalized action plan so a candidate can excel on the job from day one
  • The Job Plugs replacement guarantees ensure long-term value for your company

The Job Plugs is committed to your growth and the advancement of your organization’s goals. our team will be your reliable partner for all your talent needs.

Sectors We Serve

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    Supply Chain & Logistics

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    Health Care

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